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25 random things about Tony Roberts

1. I do not enjoy shooting surf photos (but am thankful for my career).

2. I'm still in love with every woman I ever fell in love with. (I've never fallen "out of love".)

3. My Mom is a speed reader and was a secretary for JFK.

4. The most frustrated I've ever felt was not being able to help someone who didn't want to help herself.

5. I think denim, and especially Levi's are the lamest.

6. I don't play games. (no chess, backgammon, cards, board games, nothin') It is an uncomfortable section of my brain to enter.

7. I love to sing, rap, and dance.

8. I've been rendered allergic to hard alcohol since taking a weird mix of pills In Dominican Republic after breaking my heel and nose in a boat accident. My face and armpits break out in gnarly hives. I have no (bad) reaction to Tequila however (thank god).

9. I have seen less than one movie per year in the least decade.

10. I was a camera operator on the original Real World (L.A.)

11. I haven't eaten meat in 25 years.

12. I've been to Peru five times and have never been to Macchu Pichu.

13. My Dad was a civil rights activist and one of the first white students at an all-black high school.

14. I love cats and have always tried to aspire to their present-minded greatness and physical agility.

15. I don't like surf talk.

16. I love baseball talk.

17. I prefer to cook all my meals.

18. I love newspapers.

19. My daughter was conceived on my birthday 2005, after 5 hours of 6-8 ft perfect barrels, countless guaro shots and an acrobatic death-defying motorcyle accident.

19. I "found myself" living in a small Balinese village in 1985 and I've never felt comfortable in the U.S.A. since.

20. I was named Tony Roberts because my parents thought it would be a great name for a jazz trumpet player.

21. I've probably seen every episode of The Brady Bunch, Laverne and Shirley and Happy Days.

22. My daughter appears to be my clone.

23. Under head high I prefer light onshore over offshore wind.

24. I hold integrity highly and often get in conflicts trying to hold others to my standards.

25. The more I learn the more I realize I don't know jack s#*t.

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