mensaje de kylie:

hey you!!

well, my parents just left back for miami and i now have some time to relax and send you some photos! if you want to represent them on the blog, i would like that :)
we did it! we said "oui" :) it was on tuesday, may 29, 2007 baby! it was beautiful!
i'll tell you more about it on msn the next tim
e i see you online ;)
i so wished you guys..all my friends could have been there! but we'll celebrate together soon...whether it be here, costa rica, or new york!!!
take care sweetie!
love and peace...always!

kylie xoxo

boda kylie

en estos dias estaba por nacer el segundo bebe de STV, un hijo que se llamará Matias, quien dijo dinastía? felicidades a STV y Sylvia.

daniel suarez estuvo dos dias en chile para la inauguración del primer skate park en santiago...

Vieja y Nueva Escuela de Patinadores en Costa Rica